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A detailed review of First John, falsely ascribed to Yowchanan son of Zebedee and brother of Ya'aqob, yet very Pauline even though he was long dead, led to examining which religions or theories uphold an invisible deity or entity which fills the universe.

Most evidently do. After watching Message TV, a large list of similarities began flooding the present writer's mind. Here he felt compelled to write them down in an orderly fashion, to see what they share in common and consider who or what might be behind them.

 So what do the reeligions of the world, that is, its religions and philosophies have in common? Are they as unique as each one claims?

 The term 'reeligion' was invented to describe the casting out of the proverbial fishing line to reel in those gullible minds who can be caught and retained by any group with a persuasive set of beliefs or energy package.

The following structure of religion has been assembled by the present writer after decades of research and observations.

Investigated mainly were the reeligions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Darwinism. It may apply to other philosophies and faiths as well, but not the Narrow Gate whose Messenger Yeshuwa taught "the Quiet Ones".

Contrary to what one might believe, in line with the process defined as evolution Charles Darwin's namesake theory has merged with that of the big bang singularity to become the religion of Darwinism. It is now one of the great world faiths.

It is also the most insidious of all, since its so-called science is deemed compatible many other faiths, such as Islam and Roman Catholicism. With qualifications its tentacles can be found in Judaism too. Both theories are the products of intact men.

After failing to help him and his very sick daughter, Charles Darwin merely substituted the inadequate male God of Unitarian Christianity with a fertility goddess called Evolution, the mother of the universe and progenitor of life.

She now stands alongside such female greats as Ishtar, Isis, Hathor, Ashtoreth and Diana, yet also has no visible form. Her myths make her eligible to join those of Greece, Rome and other cultures.

Consequently, as a fertility goddess any monotheistic faith which accepts Evolution is no longer monotheist, but ditheist. It has its God and a goddess as well.

Secular Darwinists have only one deity, namely, the goddess Evolution. While they claim to be atheists, the evidence suggests otherwise.  So much for there being only one God.

Standing Outside

This list comes from standing outside of both religion and science and looking back in or from above, like Homer and Bart Simpson from the top of the hill overlooking Springfield.

Here one can see and learn a lot more, especially the context as the big picture unfolds before one's eyes. Forays into each have revealed a lot of common ground and continue to do so.

* Every reeligion is invented by man and earth-based. Like science it is the product of human imagination and emotions.

* They all influence each other, giving them a common platform model and some similar beliefs. Where they differ is in the details of their intellectual clothing (Galatians 3:27).

In complete contrast is the Narrow Gate path, where absolutely nothing can be imagined before a belief is defined. Its perspective is most definitely other worldly and heavenly and comes across with both ordered thinking and thought-provoking graphics.


* At the heart of most religions and philosophies is an invisible and fully transcendent deity, entity or concept which fills or sees the known universe.

* None of these can be viewed by human beings ("whom no man has ever seen or can see" - 1 Timothy 6:16).

* It is generally believed to be a supreme deity or entity full of light and love with a universal presence or influence. Fire may be a central theme too, as is the case with Zoroastrianism.

* Its invisible existence is made known through what exists, that is, rational logic or reason, a created or evolved order or how energy flows.

* All are appealed to by prayer, praise and logical argument.

* Usually it has a unique name, setting it aside from similarly named transcendent entities.

* It tends to be monotheistic, above all other named gods and deities. Some claim their entity is purely secular and refute any link whatsoever to deity. Good luck with that.

* While the study of male deities is theological, for females it is thealogical (from ή Θεά). Universities teaching Darwinism can now offer thealogical degrees to graduating students for any course in their curriculum. What a wonderful idea!

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