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Is This Universe Expanding? -  III  [3 of 9]

This view, though, depends upon whether Earth’s telescopes are positioned centrally in relation to Heaven, something not yet ascertained.

In an ideal configuration, for both the farthest universe and the present one the movements will be to the side. Those here will go in a clockwise direction (anti-clockwise from Heaven) while the farthest stars will travel in the opposite direction.

So then, are black holes swallowing up other black holes or are the wheels of the universes turning to make it appear this way?

The purpose of black holes is primarily to distinguish the centre of each galaxy, helpful for celestial navigation. Their black light makes them easier to detect.

After all, each star is named and numbered and not just by astronomers with their catalogs of stars (Psalm 147:4). Is it not strange how everyone seems to mimic the Creators, yet so many deny They exist?

It is understandable, though, how such movements create an illusion of expansion and go partly towards explaining the red shift phenomenon.

The most cited passage in the Hebrew scriptures reflecting a static or steady state universe is Job 37:18. "Can you beat out with Him the expanse, hard like a cast mirror?"

Of course, constellation signs in Genesis 1:14-19 ('otot) require a static or unchanging universe.

In addition to the aforesaid, the energy shells at each heliopause may also be reddish. Earth’s sun is a pale blue. Others enjoy colours in between.

The Illusion Of Distant Boundaries

Nevertheless this does not mean that it is expanding, since the distance from Heaven of any universe can be adjusted using instant relocation technology, as can galaxy clusters within each.

Here the space-time fabric folds or concertinas many folds, then releases it at the next location. Gravity waves are not involved.

As for the 13.82 billion years it takes astronomical light to reach Earth from universes no older than nine billion years, this can be explained too.

The four were originally much further out than now, the farthest being 13.7 billion light years away. When their outer space-time boundaries were moved closer towards Heaven, the original rays of light already on their way remained intact, since they moved in concert with them.

In reality the universes are not as close to Heaven. All four were compacted together, the results of which are yet to be seen by Earth’s astronomers.

Their original light rays have only fairly recently arrived where Earth was placed 8360 years ago.

But for this compacting event, knowledge of the farthest universe would be missing from the equation and the world would be none the wiser.

Here whatever rays telescopes detect from Earth are the original light spectrum waves projected well beyond it. See the above diagrams for their original, then penetrating light rays.