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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  III  [3 of 17]

The sign of Coma Berenices, Berenices Hair or the Maiden with Child, depicts a scene of a young family living in a modern home powered by electricity. Here there is no living in trees and coming down to walk on the ground to dwell in caves. Only uncircumcised men would think that.

Coma was directly overhead at Beyt-Lechem (Bethlehem) when Yeshuwa was born on Tuesday, September 7, 6 BCE at 11:37 AM (UTC + 2 hr).

Modern astronomy has lost sight of the fact that the universe has purpose and contains many messages for humanity. Its telescopes are so powerful that they can no longer see the trees for their cellulose wood fibres and fail to identify four separate universes, none of which are over nine billions years old.

According to the Creator El Elyown, this black lamp was the outer energy shell otherwise known as the firmament, expanse or visible arch of the sky (Hebrew raqiya) mentioned in Genesis 1:6-8. Originally it was black.

Thanks to 390625 compression energies, an IRV planetary transporter delivered the 107 feet diameter Earth into the centre of the now full-sized lamp.

The dish on its back was set in motion, slowly spinning clockwise from west to east until it achieved its 24-hour rotation speed. Finally it was given a push upwards, so the carrier could be removed before Earth was expanded to its full size.

Its outer energy shell kept it within its limits and together it was sent on its 365.2422 day revolution around the still invisible sun or greater light.

On the second day a thin layer of water was placed above it to help protect Earth from damaging solar radiation such as the Van Allen radiation belt. This was drained as heavy rain during Noach's universal inundation in 4681 BCE (Genesis 7:11).

Although the waters were separated, the dark energy lamp remained fully on until the third day in the afternoon. After 14:00 hr on the 24-hour clock the lamp was dimmed, yet not switched off.

Outer space above it will always appear black while the stars and planets are visible. Such dimmed lamps are positioned throughout the universe.

Dark energy's purpose is primarily to provide strong contrast so as to make identification easier, since every star is numbered and known by name (Psalm 147:4).

Where the centre of galaxies is dark, that is due to their black hole lamps remaining on. Outside their cores, though, the stars are visible.

One might expect gravity waves to result from such a rapid expansion of this planetarium. However, this was a designated void, and were most likely contained.

When El Elyown as the Light of the World appeared in Genesis 1:3, His Presence lit up one side of the planet like the sun, now rotating on a 24-hour axis and revolving around it.

So "there was evening and there was morning each new day." Only a rotating sphere can achieve this effect, since a light above a flat earth tends to light up every part of it.