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Is This Universe Expanding? -  V  [5 of 9]

Based upon Job 9:7 and 37:18 and reinforced by Job 9:8, Psalm 104:2, Isaiah 45:12, Jeremiah 10:12 and Zechariah 12:1, steady state universes are well attested in the Hebrew scriptures inspired by the Creator Eluhiym themselves.

Not only are these Eluhiym good at compression and expansion, as is evident from the delivery of Earth to its present orbit, but They know how to relocate an entire universe.

Earth was 107 feet in diameter when delivered 8360 years ago in early September 6342 BCE.

Like human inventors They, too, like to adjust and tweak Their creations. For Them it is no big deal to take an entire universe and put it closer to Heaven or further away.

Behind this technology is a mindset. To everyone else Sterling on ATAR will mean nothing. Its binary star zeta TrA can barely be seen with the naked eye, even when its location is pointed out in astronomy software like Chris Marriott’s SkyMap Pro 11.

With the angle of its solar system axis positioned differently to Earth's telescopic sighting of ATAR or any other planets in its solar system may be next to impossible as well.

Yet to this author it seems like it is only across the street and its detail just as vivid. This is what he sees. The darkness of intervening space is put aside.

Naturally this is a difficult concept to grasp. Yeshuwa taught that matter can be relocated (Matthew 17:20).

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Another Illusion

When the stars fall from heaven as Earth takes a massive hit, according to Isaiah 24:19-20 and Matthew 24:29, only the constellations in the western sky will appear to fall.

The jolt will have the visual effect of speeding up planetary rotation. All the stars, however, will remain in place.

They will not literally fall from the sky. Flat earth believers take note. Simple physics dictates that it is impossible to see the stars falling all at once, since they exist in so many combinations of light years from Earth (Job 22:12-14).

"12. Is not Eluhiym the height of Heaven? And see the highest stars, for they are lofty.

13. And you say, 'What does El know? Can He judge through the heavy cloud?

14. Clouds conceal Him and He does not see, yet walks the vault of Heaven?’"

Forget meteor showers too. They are not stars. Yeshuwa the Anointed and His students knew the difference. None of them believed in a flat earth.

The Book of Enoch was discredited in their eyes, not only after the 364-day calendar failed in the temple during the first quarter of the first century BCE, but in so many other areas as well.

Chief among these was its monotheism. It also misunderstood Genesis 6:1-7 by blaming the Niphla'iym instead of Qayin, Lamech and their descendants for the world's evil and had no understanding of the role of angels.

Chanowkh never wrote it anyway. His writings are preserved in the third cave in central Pele on ATAR.

Meanwhile the universe will continue to exist as before. This is no seven thousand-year experiment. Nor will the space-time fabric be folded shut like a book and usher in the end of the universe, judgement day and the creation of a new earth and universe.

The new Earth ATAR, meaning “crown”, already exists under a different sky to further humanity’s needs, since it has messed up so badly on this one.