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Human life clearly began in eastern Turkey. It never evolved out of Africa. That is a myth.

Nor did circumcision start with Abraham. The Mitsrayim or Egyptians were already practising it when he went there in Genesis 12. Indigenous Australians were performing the ritual from their first arrival in the Tiwi Islands (Melville Island) on October 21, 3286 BCE and migration to the mainland during the following months.

Chanowkh (Enoch), who walked with Eluhiym (11:5), eventually died, for he was taken to ATAR to live out the rest of his years. One of three caves there preserves his artefacts for posterity. When published its contents will challenge every belief about early man.

IRV technology, already quite ancient, relocated him to the new Earth under a different sky. This is why "he was not, for Eluhiym took him." The Towrah Scrolls on ATAR will also confirm this.

Noach (11:7) acted in faith from the moment he was instructed to build the ark. The Niphla'iym or "extraordinary ones" assisted him with their awesome IRV technology. 'Iyyowb (Job) called them the "sons of Eluhiym" (1:6, 2:1 and 38:7).

Did Noach condemn the world or did Eluhiym (Genesis 6:5-7)?

Abram/Abraham And Saray/Sarah

Abraham, his son Yitschaq and grandson Ya'aqob (11:8-10) dealt first-hand with both El Shadday (Yahuw'ah) and El Elyown (Yeshuwa the Lamb-Man on the white horse). His purpose on Earth was fulfilled and faith satisfied more than adequately.

Back in Ur of the Chaldees El Elyown and others had caught his attention. His family was not worshipping pagan gods, but other Eluhiym (Joshua 24:2).

Till Sarah (11:11-12) conceived and gave birth to Yitschaq, his half-sister wife was hardly an example of faith. She was barren and past child-bearing. If Abram wanted an heir, Saray said, then he should marry her handmaiden Hagar the Mitsrith (Egyptian) and get her pregnant.

Abram had annoyed her with his constant claim of becoming the father of a great nation (Genesis 12:2). He thought about it every day, unable to get it out of his mind. Like the logical-thinking woman she was, she probably teased him. Yet that only made him more determined.

This he did (Genesis 16:3-4). In the process he created a false heir named Yishma'el, whose nose was put out of joint after Yitschaq was born and became the heir, like Esau after his brother Ya'aqob deceived him. So mother and son were sent away.

In the end Sarah received what was promised her. Why would she or Abraham be longing for a better country? Their household was truly blessed and its men circumcised.

Biologically both were fairly young when Abram was given his vision in Genesis 12. She died at 127 years of age (23:1) while Abraham lived till 175 (25:7-8), fathering more children to other women. So much for "him being as good as dead" (11:12) even at 100 years of age. Their son Yitschaq died at 180 (Genesis 35:28).

Mosheh would climb Mount Nebo at the age of 120 years and then be told to sit down and die (Deuteronomy 32:48-52 and 34:1-8). So was he “as good as dead” too? Interesting!

Abraham saw his role in starting many nations fulfilled. Who gets to see the end result anyway unless it is a one-off event? Furthermore He was happy with Yeruwshalem being ruled by Melkitsedeq the king of Salem and a priest of El Elyown or Most High (Genesis 14:18).

He even went inside the sanctuary within the Yebusite fortress, later to be burned down in October 1003 BCE to make way for Shelomoh's temple.

While he ended up in the heavenly Yeruwshalem (Luke 16:19-31), he was clearly in no hurry to get there and had never heard of Nirvana.

Other than the fact that they "died in faith", the contents of Hebrews 11:13-16 are completely false and represent an allegorical interpretation.

Abraham's Testing

Furthermore Abraham (11:17-19) had been tested from the moment the promise was first made. He failed with Hagar and that was his fault. Logical thinking by intact men is not what it is cracked up to be. Then he had to send her and Yishma'el away and no longer call them family. That hurt is heart and pride.

The command to sacrifice was different. Rather it was more about the angel of Yahuw'ah providing a lamb for sacrifice, like He would be Himself as the Lamb of Eluhiym at Gordon's Calvary.

Naturally there were surprise elements in the event and this was used to good effect. Abraham was surprised by the request and so was Yitschaq, especially when bound by his father and put on an altar with wood and sticks placed over him and a knife in Abraham's hand.

Yet this is part of the modus operandi of Yahuw'ah. He enjoys giving surprises, knowing that no one will get hurt. It is a game that He plays. Yitschaq was never going to die and be raised back to life. Abraham knew this too and went along for the dramatic effect. All the prescribed actions were followed.

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