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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  XVII  [17 of 17]

Back in Acts 21:20 Luke kindly featured Ya'aqob's words about the "many myriads (tens of thousands) there are within the Yehuwdiym of the faithful and all happen to be zealots of the Towrah." See also Acts 4-5.

Yeshuwa was popular with them. So why have Jews been persecuted down through the millennia? Is this anti-Semitism due to their rejection of Jesus Christ? So they should. The chief priests and their mob of supporters had pestered for His death, not the people at large (John 11:47-53).

Consequently only a relative few in Judea made trouble for the Romans along with Gessius Florus and his butchers. Most died at their hands. Titus did not even want to destroy the temple (Jewish War 6.4.6 (254-258) and 6.4.7 (261-266).

That they practised circumcision of the flesh and heart was a requirement of Yahuw'ah their Creator and Provider and El Elyown the Judge of all the Earth, aka Yeshuwa the Lamb-Man on the White Horse.

Should they be persecuted for being circumcised? They might not be circumcised in heart, yet neither are their persecutors in both flesh and heart (Jeremiah 9:26). Who are the worst?

So who instructed these Yehuwdiym in the early chapters of Acts and later in chapter 21 the good news about Yeshuwa, Yahuw'ah, Yahbeth, Tor and the other Eluhiym? His Twelve students, of course.

Certainly it was not Paul, for as a member of the tribe of Benyamin he had been punished many times by the Yehuwdiym for his own misbehaviour and for starting a false religion (2 Corinthians 11:23-25).

The Quiet Ones living among the nations were being told by him "to forsake Mosheh, not to circumcise their children nor walk according to the customs" (Acts 21:21).

Obviously there were two, not one, faith movements and Paul's was starting to fragment.

Unlike the faith spruikers, the Quiet Ones demonstrated their faith by gathering at Bethany for the mass exodus. Faith is expressed in actions rather than confessed beliefs, although these may follow any encounter with physical Eluhiym.

Alas, Rome prevented most from leaving. They had come from many nations to where Yeshuwa's students were sent. Those prevented from leaving by the soldiers were rounded up and slaughtered, giving Josephus a very impressive figure of three million Yehuwdiym killed during the war.

In the Dark Pit and Lake of Fire the Pharaoh Se-woser-en-ra Khayan, his charioteers and horsemen would have viewed that scene with envy.


The examples of faith in Hebrews 11 are red herrings, for all of the above witnesses recognised Eluhiym as visible, capable of casting a shadow or reflection and, to modern minds, able to be photographed.

There was no invisible THEOS present anyway. He or she simply does not exist except as an imaginary being onto whom one projects one's emotions and inadequacies. This is all inspired by the God Serpent Sinvesta and perpetuated by religion.

As revenge the apostle Paul created a single HO THEOS to replace the plural Eluhiym of the Law and the Prophets. Such god(s) are created in the image of man anyway to explain the origins of life and the universe and attempt to answer the big question of how man fits into the broad scheme of things.

For those who believe that their God or gods is/are visible, these must logically reject all of the teachings of Paul, including his understanding of an ' Old and New Testament '.

So why do people believe in something which many times revealed itself as visible and physical, yet choose to believe in something which is not? An illogical madness seems to have afflicted the entire human race on Earth based upon the denial of evidence. Evolution is a fertility goddess like Ishtar and Hathor.

It is not difficult to comprehend now why only forty million souls from this planet have made it to glory in over eight thousand years.

In the second book of Mosheh there is ample evidence for the bending and stretching of the space-time fabric. It also features the archetype of the video game. The first book seems to know about dark energy too. Both write about the anger of Yahuw'ah, still very much in evidence today.

With Yahuw'ah identified in Scripture as a physical man, then this has implications for Yeshuwa's conception. His mother Miryam lost her virginity on Friday, December 18, 7 BCE.

A young woman gave birth to Him, not a virgin. Nor was He the "son of the Most High" (Luke 1:32), since He is the Most High. As a crime scene the Bible can be very confusing.

Finally, a distinction needs to be made between miracles and mighty works, also known as signs and wonders. Miracles and faith alone reflect magic wand thinking while signs remind one of Yahuw'ah's will. Mighty works are wonders due to their advanced nature and power.

Postscript: Within 32 hours of publishing this article a shocking fire started in the ceiling of the Notrê Dame cathedral in Paris, France, which then gutted the inside of the 850 year-old Gothic edifice. Many priceless artefacts were saved, however.

It occurred at the beginning of ‘holy week’. Like the disasters in Christchurch NZ (Matthew 16:18), does its name have something to do with the why and when it happened? After all, it was an accident.

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