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Why Do People Believe In An Invisible God? -  III  [3 of 3]

“There was no one till Victoria Square with one sitting at the bus stop from where I had earlier disembarked.

The man, fairly short in stature with ginger hair, no beard and clear green eyes, held out his rather new-looking, short ugg boot as though wanting money. He did not look like the usual beggar, yet certainly acted like one, very quick to relay his message like many usually are. They catch one offguard.  He was wearing a check shirt and trousers.

He caught my eye and, realising this was my opportunity, I stopped to ask him if he wanted money. He nodded and gestured with his boot. So I excitedly pulled out my bus wallet in search of the ten dollars. At first I could not see it, so shook it till the colour of money was visible at the bottom. This I pulled out and gave it to him. He looked grateful as he accepted it.

Not a single word was spoken by him, just me. There was a man sitting next to him, yet he seemed oblivious to what was going on. Immediately I turned to continue on my way.

Something about the beggar's appearance haunted me for the rest of my stay in the city, and on the bus home. Was it Yahuw'ah, I wondered, since I only thought about Adoniy's words reminding me of His presence a few days ago?”

A question he has asked himself a few times is, why did he not take out his mobile phone and take a photograph of Him? Well, it was daylight. He also despises mobile phones. Furthermore who photographs a beggar to whom he has just given ten dollars?

That night Yeshuwa informed him that it was Yahuw’ah. Just think! The Creator of Man in little old Adelaide sitting on a concrete wall at a bus stop, in viewing distance of two Christian churches and possibly television cameras in the south-east corner of Victoria Square.

Below is one of the FIMIOLs which led him to associate the well-dressed beggar with Yahuw’ah.

It was a pivotal moment for him. That appearance helped this writer through many difficult times during coming months. Yahuw’ah of Eluhiym is visible and also a physical being. After all, how did he get a virgin named Miryam pregnant on Friday, December 18, 7 BCE?

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