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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  VIII  [8 of 17]

Evidently the universe does have a purpose for humanity. If the signs are observed and understood correctly, then, like its Creator El Elyown, the universe is clearly involved with human affairs.

In Exodus 14:16 Mosheh is told to lift up his staff and stretch his hand over the sea to divide it. He would do this in two stages.

First, he will point his straightened fingers at the surface of the sea and slice it by moving his vertically positioned hand up and down. The purpose is to split it in two.

Second, by simultaneously pushing his hand back and forth and side to side will widen the split and make enough room for all to cross on dry land.

After doing this in 14:21, a strong east wind began blowing all night through the void, rendering the sea floor dry.

Explaining The Science Of The Sea Crossing

Previous easterlies had no such effect. A plausible explanation with a preamble is therefore required here and involves bending, folding and stretching the space-time fabric (STF).

From what this author has read, this might not be the same fabric defined by Albert Einstein and theoretical physics. It is alive with energy.

Its frequency increases by one unit each new day and JavaScript calculators factorise the day number into primes and strings of binary clusters. At the sub-atomic level this has been mistaken for the multiverse phenomenon.

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The above diagram is intended to outline the sequence of events.

Rather than those claustrophobic religious images resembling a narrow alley, the crossing infrastructure was an energy shell one kilometre-wide (5/8th of a mile). It was installed well in advance.

Why so wide? First, there is ample room for the one million plus refugees and their livestock to cross over quickly with little chance of any bottleneck developing. Remember, they are tired and in a hurry.

Second, the sea-soaked ground underneath the dry crust would not be disturbed until most of the traffic had crossed over. Yet this disturbance will be enough to produce rapid deterioration afterwards.

Third, forty to sixty-plus metre high walls of water would appear far less frightening when seen hundreds of metres away rather than a few metres, and to the Mitsrayim less deceptive from the western shore.

Finally, the one kilometre void will enable the greatest number of chariots and horsemen to get down into the deepest parts quickly and become bogged, making them an easy target for drowning.

While not yet activated, the pre-installed energy shell basically outlined this five-eighths of a mile wide path across to the other side. It had straight sides rising to slightly above sea level and hugged the sea floor. As usual it was made to measure, like everything Creators do.

Now, for the sea water to be swept aside, the forces of gravity within its walls had to be suspended. Any IRV does this whenever it lifts and relocates a load. It may weigh ten tonnes, but within the field created by the IRV it is weightless.

That was made possible here by the IRV positioned within the pillar of fire and cloud missing from all religious art and depictions of the same. One was also present during Yeshuwa’s transfiguration on Mount Hermon.

A light beam from Yahuw'ah's IRV connected with this energy shell and energised it. All the water in between then became weightless.

Like the fabric itself it was invisible to untrained human sight. Not even Mosheh saw it and the people stood in amazement as this feat unfolded smoothly and effortlessly.

Another energy shell is mentioned in Exodus 23:31. "I will stretch your borders from the Sea of Conclusions as far as the sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness as far as the River."

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