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The Structure Of Religion -  VII  [7 of 8]

* All are expected to support its administration in terms of giving portions of their income (tithes, tuition fees) and volunteering their time.

* Each religion has its own fervent followers who zealously uphold its teachings. These are the clergy or teacher sponges, soaking up everything they say as though nothing else matters.

* Woe betide anyone who challenges those teachings. They will be charged with heresy or at the least mocked and ridiculed. The authorities may even resort to force of arms or physical violence, or using the fear of eternal hell as a form of social exclusion to keep doubters in tow.

* Religious people tend to be too scared to leave or their teachers refuse to let them and use scare-mongering to great effect. For example, unless research scientists in the USA endorse Evolution they often miss out on government grants and funding.

Soul Viruses

Soul viruses govern all religions since, like dogma, they comprise sets of instructions which believers are enticed into accepting.

These are the means by which energy packages are spread. In many cases they are accompanied by strong emotions involving dopamine and other feelgood neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin, oxytocin, endorphins and enkephalines which pour into their bloodstream from the brain.

Accepting soul viruses is always considered safe, according to those infected. Here they feel confident enough to go out and speak their message to the world without fear of shame and embarrassment.

Since imagination is a computer without a password, it lets anything in. Soul viruses thrive on imagination and humanity floats on a sea of imagination where its waves wash over all and sundry.

Religious viruses are like cancer cells which do not observe the behaviour of healthy cells, but instead follow their own instructions. They develop and spread according to their own laws with a logic of their own which non-infected minds find illogical. Here the virus becomes the host.

Many different types of soul viruses exist. Among them are the:

For such questions the predicter's schizophrenic mind, acting upon his or her own beliefs and expectations, usually provides a certain answer, yet one that is most certainly wrong. Try, though, convincing him or her otherwise.

Groups of believers may also become desperate to make it happen and attempt to manipulate history through a final battle.

The new Earth ATAR, "in which righteousness dwells," has to be inhabited first before the final judgement (2 Peter 3:13). Otherwise judgements take place every three days, according to the Judge of all the Earth (Genesis 18:25).

ATAR is the planet where its inhabitants will experience the frequent presence of not only Yahuw'ah, but Yeshuwa and the other Eluhiym, minus Ba'alzebub, Sinvesta and OM. While some passages of the Hebrew Scriptures seem to have this Earth in mind, this was the prophet's way of describing the new.