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My Dentist Lives Forty Light Years Away -  I  [1 of 4]

Another Perspective On Empirical Science

The so-called wonder of science is that it is empirically-based, although much of it today would come under the term ‘magic wand’ science. For example, the Big Bang Singularity origins of the universe, man’s ascent from apes and even Darwin’s theory of natural selection fit comfortably under such an umbrella.

This article is designed to make the discussion interesting. Empiricism measures observable phenomena and attempts to define them according to its laws.

The following series of events occurred over a period of weeks from late January 2019. In this author’s opinion the outcome demonstrates that not only does the planet ATAR exist under the binary suns of zeta TrA, but it has highly advanced minds and technologies, of which this represents but a tiny, tiny sample.

The Crisis As It Presented Itself

During late September 2012 this author had a bridge inserted in his upper right jaw. It was promoted as the best alternative and cost about $900 Australian. The specialist warned that decay might become an issue in the future due to one tooth being ground down and shaped to hold the bridge.

All went well for at least four years until part of the bridge broke off, leaving a sizeable gap between it and the adjacent back tooth. Into this gap would lodge all sorts of food fragments. Naturally they were removed as quickly as possible whenever they became annoying.

Early in 2018 the tooth screw holding the back part became loose and a lump appeared above the gum line. Some assistance was provided by Yeshuwa in Heaven and this settled down until late January 2019.

Here the gum, then the right cheek, began to swell and became very painful. Paracetamol capsules were taken on Tuesday, January 29, to enable him to fall asleep, and more during the night when the pain returned.

The regular practice of cleaning between the bridge and gum line was no longer possible. The special Oral B dental floss designed for that purpose failed to penetrate the gap. He definitely had a problem. The following are from diary entries.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

“I had a painful sleep overnight feeling the pressure of the inflammation in my right cheek.”

From Tonight's Visit To ATAR - [ #106 ]

“10:32 PM - 10:45 PM - 13 minutes

Not a long visit tonight. I found myself outside the Healing Centre, went inside and requested to see the dentist Paul. He asked me how he could help me. I sat down in his chair and told him of the abscess in my upper right jaw. He could certainly see the swelling.

Not a happy chappie!He took a syringe and poked it into my gum to reduce some of the infectious fluid [for testing]. This took a few minutes. It was not painful.

Next he told me that he was going to do a soul treatment and showed me my teeth and jaw in bone view using some sort of visual device. The area above the bridge was sprayed with a white solution or mixture, especially around the metal pin holding the bridge. This took about a minute of two.

Then he took the healing light and directed it towards the gum line and teeth, focusing on the sprayed area, in order to clean, purify and strengthen the bone tissue.

After some minutes he gave me a solution to harden the enamel on my teeth. I swished it around in my mouth for about a minute before spitting it out.

Paul said the treatment would take about a week to be fully effective. If I have any further problems to then come and see him.

I thanked him for his help. It may already be working, although I am coughing a lot too. While trimming the ivy this evening I may have breathed in some spores of which I saw plenty, since this is when I started coughing.

 10:58 PM.”

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