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Is it possible, then, for Paul’s Christ or Χριστός to save anyone if it is all in the imagination? A study of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and meditation may indeed end up being an enlightening experience, for he created his own religion by adapting these to replace the “faith of the fathers”.

Paul’s Gospel

When he and his companions wrote about Jesus Christ saving people from their sins, Christians accept their energy package and refuse to believe anything else.

An energy package is a mix of beliefs accepted by the mind or intellect for which the heart or subconscious mind provides all the evidence needed to support them and so make people feel good about what they believe.

Those beliefs may be true or false or awaiting better expression. Like a tree, each package bears its own fruit (Matthew 7:15-20).

The apostle from Tarsus typically promoted a ‘magic wand’ creator of the universe. Faith alone apart from works of the Law is also magic wand thinking and dangerous.

It involves minimal human effort and belongs to the broad way thinking which leads away to destruction. Many are those who pass through the wide gate (Matthew 7:13).

A path crowded with restrictions (Greek τεθλιμμένη - BAG 362) is what leads away to life upon entry through the Narrow Gate (Matthew 7:14). This path bears no resemblance to his faith alone without works of the law.

Yahuw'ah tests the mind (Jeremiah 17:10). He places pressure situations in front of believers so that they learn to become suitable for eternal life. Even the ancient actors in the myths of Greece and Rome had to endure such pressure in the form of obstacles and challenges.

The Father is no invisible light full of love, but Spirit (John 4:24). He demands that believers fear and not question His wisdom. This is why only the Few find life.

Most important in Paul’s package is faith in an invisible, only God/THEOS and the Christ made in his image dwelling in the man Jesus of Nazareth.

Salvation is about believing that “Jesus died for all” and receiving Christ into one’s heart. Here the circumcision of Jesus Christ is the only one required. A baptised believer is already circumcised in heart.

Scripture tends to be interpreted allegorically. Not only was Paul very focused upon faith, hope and love, but also on transforming the mind using meditation techniques. That is how he got his message across.

He never endorsed the New Earth gospel nor the Thrones of Revelation 4:4.

His THEOS/God dwelt well above heaven in unapproachable light, yet had a special message just for him and his followers.

Nowhere in his writings does he employ the title “heavenly Father”, although someone added such reference(s) in Mark 11:25-26, using the language of Matthew. Mark’s gospel is really the Gospel of Paul according to John Mark.

Paul was fully convinced that he possessed inside knowledge of THEOS or God’s will. Whatever he said was always absolutely true and beyond question.

Notwithstanding this, his invisible creator apparently has special messages for others of different faiths too. Here one never questions him or any of his spokespeople.

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