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The Structure Of Religion -  III  [3 of 8]

The dangers associated with energy packages are their potential to bring about unwanted consequences or attract situations of an adverse nature.

Presence Revealed

* Angels may reveal its presence or existence, e.g. Gabriyel in Luke, chapter one, and Gabriel in the Holy Qu'ran. These two, however, are not the same angel. The first relocates using IRV technology, the other travels slowly at the speed of light.

How angels know about THEOS and mediated the giving of the Ten Commandments during the Exodus (Galatians 3:19, Acts 7:53) has never been explained. Paul's THEOS does not dwell in Heaven while Luke's apparently does (Acts 7:55).

* Each has a self-proclaimed spokesperson or intellectual mind.

* Many of these tend to blur boundaries and fail to explain basics, such as its mysterious origins.

* Claims to be unique fail to consider that by communicating with man, seeing and hearing as men see and hear, such an invisible deity or entity has lowered its status to that of its creatures.

* As a corollary to this, human traits are projected onto it when describing its behaviour. Each can think logically, take a next step, predict, see, hear, invent, create, build structures and select its prophets or spokespeople.

* While man is supposedly made in its image, the opposite appears to be true, since the characteristics attributed to the invisible God or entity resemble human behaviour, as though created in the image of man.

* Expect an emotional transference from the invisible to what is visible and tangible. For here this notion is extended through artistry into the depiction of God as mortal beings with a halo, a statue or idol or an iconic drawing such as the Ascent of Man.

The failure of any male to be born without a foreskin in circumcising cultures and pass this on through his descendants demonstrates that man is exempt from natural selection, the main driver of evolutionary theory. There are many other exceptions too (e.g. ligers and mules).

If the deity is just a light, then how does one depict that? As a light, of course.

* Each religion is eventually divided by an individual whose intention is to reform it. Its followers are then ostracised by the very institution it attempts to reform. Feelings of alienation and hate then ensue as the reformers are deemed betrayers of the original faith to which they are claiming to return.

* All religions have their origins in anger, hate and rebellion, including Darwinism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity.

For instance, the Yehuwdiym severely punished Sha'uwl of Tarsus, aka the apostle Paul, so many times (2 Corinthians 11:23-25) that he grew to hate them, their scriptures and Eluhiym, so that when the opportunity arose he invented one of his own called Christianity with its own energy package.

* Typical of religion is the ability to re-invent the wheel many times and believe all the reinventions to be true.

* Each invisible God or entity permits its primary messenger the freedom and authority to rewrite history and then present it as the original. The Hebrew record, supported by scores of FIMIOLs, precedes any of this by thousands of years. Yet this is of no value. Much later rewrites seem to attract more than a few followers.

As examples, the apostle Paul reinvented the physical Eluhiym into an invisible THEOS, re-invented the meaning of the Hebrew mashiach and mashach as the extremely bright light ho Christos.

With him the literal understanding of the Towrah was replaced with allegorical interpretations. That rock at Rephidiym, which he named Christ, moved around because it was spiritual, despite frequent rain quenching the people's thirsts (1 Corinthians 10:4, Psalm 68:8-9).

He also reinvented the location of Mount Ciynay. Yeshuwa knew it existed at Gebel Feirani and stayed there Himself. So did Eliyahuw, since it has two caves to satisfy the text of 1 Kings 19, verses 9 and 13, one at the base and one higher up on Choreb.

Marriage was reinvented so that love formed its basis, not the respect of Oneflesh and the Cleaving ritual of earlier times.

Circumcision was no longer regarded as the legal basis of faith. Faith alone saves without works of the Law, since he believed in a magic wand-waving THEOS and Christ. With no law there is no condemnation and therefore no need to fear his re-invented THEOS. Yet he introduced his own laws. The list goes on.

In Islam the Abraham narrative was reinvented so that Yishma'el is offered for sacrifice instead of Yitschaq. Noach's flood is only a local event, not universal.

The House of Esau can apparently produce a messiah, even though Herod the Great, a descendant of Esau, sought to kill Yeshuwa, as did the Herodians during His teaching ministry.

Finally, Muslims believe that they receive forgiveness from Al ilah during their Hajj pilgrimage where they pour out their grief till they feel washed clean.

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