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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  IV  [4 of 17]

After the separation of the waters the visual scene was enlarged, yet remained under Creator light which is able to shine into the darkness (John 1:5). Earth now had an atmosphere.

Next the water and land plates were lowered and raised accordingly for dry land to appear and the vegetation energy shells activated. By now all Eluhiym were physically present and active as Creators, including the God Serpents.

Towards the end of day three the dark energy lamp was dimmed and the heavens revealed the Greater Light or sun, and later that night the Lesser Light or moon with the stars lighting up the heavens. All possible stars which could be seen with the naked eye were visible above the horizon.

Throughout this choreographed series of events there was no waving of any magic wand, like there is in the ridiculous big bang theory where the energy of a previous universe was supposedly compacted into a size smaller that one quadrillionth the size of a quark or neutrino and magically released by a goddess intent on blowing herself up along with her five known children.

Everything had been meticulously prepared in advance by very capable Inventors. Most are male, explaining why human males are designed to invent. Genesis 1-2 simply records the dramatic theatre, similar to a concert program.

Hebrews Eleven

Hebrews 12:1-2 reflects on many of the examples of faith listed in the previous chapter.

"1. So therefore, since we also are encircled by such a cloud of witnesses, laying aside every weight and the easily avoided sin, through endurance let us run the contest set before us,

2. looking away towards Jesus the author and finisher of faith, who because of the joy set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of THEOS" [who apparently is now visible].

Paul and his companions spoke and wrote with Jesus Christ in mind, not Yeshuwa the Anointed. Ah, the contradictions between them. Division in their camp started early. For the author of Hebrews HO THEOS has a throne in Heaven, but not for Paul.

Despite this, Christians and indeed Jews the world over have taken solace from those examples.

In the background is an invisible God/THEOS whom no man has seen or can see. Yet these examples of faith were unrealised before they died, since they desired a better country, a heavenly one with a city (11:16).

In reality they did not. They had a relationship with Eluhiym where they were blessed in this life. What happened after death was left to their Maker and the Judge of all the Earth, knowing they indeed had a future with Them.

Most of those in the list were believers. Furthermore they had another thing in common. With few exceptions they belonged to the circumcision, each male having had his own foreskin removed.

As for that list of the faithful, Qayin (11:4) killed Abel because he was circumcised and Yahuw'ah accepted his sacrifice, but not his own. Of interest here is that the first family ate cooked meat.

Vegetarians or vegans they were not. Fish and animals were created to be food for man. If they only ate plant-based food, then it comes as no surprise that Chavvah sucumbed to the Serpent and Adam joined her.

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Previous Page Sheth and his sistr-wife Lorrin with a flathead fish from Australian waters.

These FIMIOLs are here to demonstrate the hands-on nature of catching fish for food. On the left is Sheth (English: Seth) and his sister wife Lorrin. Adam and Chavvah were their parents. Abram and Saray were half brother and sister, having the same father Terach (Genesis 12:19).