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My Dentist Lives Forty Light Years Away -  IV  [4 of 4]

This page is for a few afterthoughts. Those following will feature a photograph or two of the Healing Centre when they become available.

The severity of this medical episode should not be under-estimated. With a previous abscess visits to his local dental clinic resulted in a course of antibiotics which failed to remedy the situation.

The dentist informed him that bacteria were eating away at the bone around the infected tooth and it had to come out. So on one Saturday morning three years ago it was extracted.

This most certainly would have happened on this occasion. Thankfully there was help available, albeit forty light years away. In mid June the results are holding well.

Since these procedures further healing work has been done on his sun damaged skin with similarly impressive results. As before a photographic record is being kept and may appear in a later article.

What Happens With A Winter Cold Or Flu?

During the second weekend in June (2019) this writer was coming down with a sore throat, coughing and sneezing, his nose running like a tap, of the kind one would associate with the common cold.

He decided to find out if the Healing Centre had a treatment for colds and flu. After the usual prayer to Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa he relocated to its front entrance. Inside he consulted with Paul, the healing specialist.

The treatment was simple. He picked up and showed him an atomiser with one of those squeezable bulbs and containing a dark green solution. When he squeezed it the spray had a greenish tinge.

He instructed this author to breathe in deeply the vapour which he was about to spray before his nostrils. Then he said to hold his breath for ten seconds before exhaling. The first attempt was just a warm up. Three deep breaths later and it was all done. It took about a minute.

Overnight he slept well and for much of the next day. There was no coughing. The morning after he awoke to a clear chest and throat and a normal nasal system. His energy had returned and he carried on as if he never had a cold or whatever it was going to turn into. Now he can look to a cold and flu-free future. And seventy years of age that is reassuring.

Not For Planet Earth

Healing technology like this which is poison free is never likely to become available to medical specialists on Earth. Besides who among them knows the first thing about how to restore decayed bone and pluck out a cancer outside an operating theatre without an anaesthetist and chemotherapy, or clear up a cold in twenty-four hours?

On ATAR every one works to accumulate merit points. People become qualified with extraordinary skills, not to gain lucrative salaries, but out of a sense of passion for wanting to serve others. They earn the equivalent of a mother nursing babies and bringing up children.

Soul-based healing with a physical interface is far too advanced for this world. Evidence-based science has no knowledge of the soul and refuses to accept that it even exists. So sad, yet that is the nature of science.

Visiting Heaven

On ATAR everyone visits Heaven each week and this is the source of their knowledge and training. This author has visited it over nine hundred times since August 1992.

While many before 30 CE took advantage of the Most High Yeshuwa’s absence and visited Heaven and its Throne Room, called in Matthew “the Kingdom of the Heavens”, they did so without the Holy Spirit (Matthew 11:12). There they presumed to dictate who from Earth could come and go.

With the Spirit of Truth Yahbeth, not the apostle Paul’s holy spirit, one can visit Heaven. After all, this is the real purpose of the Last Supper sacrament, namely, to bring one’s mind to Heaven during the eating of the unleavened bread and drinking from the wine chalice. It is a private and personal experience.

However, who knows about this benefit? It is not something that God wants to happen, since He loses ownership of the believer’s soul.

As a pre-requisite, the faithful will have been baptised correctly with water poured over his or her forehead three times. Baptism’s purpose is to remove the foreskin of the heart. For males, not females, it requires circumcision of the male foreskin first for this to be possible.

Full bodily immersion is the wrong mode. That is derived from Paul’s immersion into the body or Sangha of Mahayana Buddhism’s Trikaya, which he adapted along with his Spiritism to create his religion of Christianity.

Relocating to ATAR is only possible with the true Holy Spirit too. One’s soul has to be hard-wired to go there and this is an extension of the ability to visit Heaven and sit with the Lord (Revelation 3:21). With prayer it takes less than a minute to be in either location.

How else can this author explain why his dentist now lives forty light years away? Otherwise it is simply not possible. A third party has to make it happen. Hope once scarce now has new energy.

Revised: Tuesday, June 11, 2019