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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  IX  [9 of 17]

Consequently this was no spur of the moment, magic wand event. The Creator Eluhiym avoid magic like the plague. It is not their modus operandi and never has been, although most religions tend to think it is.

This investigation aims to highlight the choreography behind the Exodus sea crossing. Earlier on, the Creation narratives underwent a similar treatment, albeit very briefly.

While entertaining magicians exercise their craft and cartoon sorcerers and wizards perform magic with instant results, this sea crossing only appears to be magical to the reader. For those present it was the exercise of great and frightening power.

With Eluhiym everything is carefully considered and implemented at the right time and filled with surprises as well. Mosheh's staff and arm actions were used to initiate its choreographed events.

He himself was a conduit for some powerful energy. Yet it was all in the hand, although his wooden staff was involved too and acted as a kind of aerial or antenna for something else. Both he and the staff were instruments in a bigger cause.

How long was his staff? Five or six feet perhaps? Try 5 ft 4 in. That surely is long enough to use while walking around the wilderness. Here is some simple arithmetic.

25.38 kilometres or 15.7704 miles is the distance from shore to shore. 25.38 days is one rotation of the sun.

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© 2019 Wayne J Zanker [FIMIOL Photographics]

This Google Earth 3D image (attributes on page VII) provides further insight into the exact location of the events of Exodus 14.

Now 25.38 km is 25,380 metres. Divided by 5^6 = 1.62432 m, 5.329134 feet and 63.949608 (64) inches. 2^6 = 64 and 5^6 = 15,625. As a fraction of 390,625 or 5^8 it is a mere 4% (2^2).

The space-time fabric (STF) is very sensitive to prime numbers. It also plays a huge role in generating weather. Naturally it is strong, hugging the landscape around the planet and setting boundaries between land and sea (Psalm 104:5-9).

In addition, in the southern hemisphere it prevents gravity from emptying into outer space any loose contents or tipping them over in the mid latitudes. Earth's rotation is too slow to prevent this.

All planets are enveloped by this fabric, enabling objects to stand vertically on any firm surface regardless of where they are on Earth, the Moon, Mars or ATAR or elsewhere. The STF also maintains their shape.

Here binary 111 energy clusters are responsible. 111 is the final stage of the gravity sequence, a subject explained in The Flat Earth Theory Debunked article.

As a decimal 111 is represented by the prime number 7. Eluhiym rested from all the works which They had done on the seventh day to allow the earth's surfaces to become firm and hard.

Planet Earth had been brought out to its current orbit as a "compressed and smooth" water-covered sphere with a diameter of 107 feet. After rotation was established, it was expanded by a factor of 5^8 or 390,625.

Time was naturally needed to stabilise it and the 111 energies of the Sabbath achieved this.

On the first day of the Jewish week (the Julian Sunday) time was required for Yeshuwa's resurrected body, also physical, to become firm and stable as well. Mirya of Magdala was asked not to cling to Him in John 20:17 (AM).

Yet several hours later at Emmaus, according to Luke 24:30, He picked up a loaf of bread and broke it (PM) and gave it to two of His students before vanishing.

Later in Yeruwshalem He was even more confident and showed those present His hands and feet where the nails had penetrated and even ate a piece of broiled fish in their presence to prove He was again a physical being in another form, that of the Lamb with seven eyes and seven horns and skin like white wool (24:36-43).

Never underestimate the power of seven in binary form (111). The Exodus Sabbath began after the Sunday afternoon's "evening" sacrifice, allowing His body to fully stabilise.