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These are two of the five IRV FIMIOLs identified in the Garden of Eden gallery.

In incident after incident (and for forty years witnessed initially by more that a million people) it states that Eluhiym is visible. Consequently they have no right to use any part of it, including the Five Books of Mosheh (Moses) or even call Abraham their father.

That an individual believer or non-believer has never seen Them or God is beside the point. Some have, including this author. Shortcomings and pretence are no excuse.

Who has seen king Herod the Great or the emperor Napoleon? According to historical texts they existed. Theoretical physicists have never been in a black hole, yet act as though they have. Where is the intellectual honesty? Religion has none.

Many hours and even eight days after His resurrection Yeshuwa the Anointed ate food and could be touched in the presence of His students (see Luke 24 and John 20). He was most definitely a physical being too.

The Implications of Visibility

Now if one believes that his or her deity made visible appearances, then the entire writings of the apostle Paul, Silvanus, Apol’los of Alexandria and John Mark must be excluded from their faith.

Each of these were emphatic exponents of a one and only invisible God or HO THEOS who cannot be seen and never has been.

For them the Law and the Prophets can no longer be understood literally. So they interpreted them allegorically and paid lip service to their sanctity. See 2 Timothy 3:16’s THEOS-breathed, not ELEUOI-breathed for Eluhiym.

In the process Paul replaced them with his own ‘inspired writings’ detailing an entirely new deity and gospel, all of which he invented, including his version of Jesus.

Anyone who believes in a visible deity will automatically reject the teaching of those faiths and religions which teach the opposite.

So then, why not forget about God and check out the ten Creator Eluhiym, for God is a pagan name which started out as Der Gott in the seventh century.

The Jury’s Decision

As a member of the jury each person must decide which is true and which is false. All the evidence must be weighed up. How does one prove or disprove the existence of an invisible deity? Which criteria are used?

Whatever decision is made has eternal consequences and these are real.

Bear in mind that the heart always seeks to prove what the mind believes. The one innate freedom men and women have while still alive is that they can change their beliefs if dissatisfied with previous ones.

Why, then, would anyone pass up such an opportunity? The Niphla’iym or “awesome ones” are called “sons of Eluhiym” by virtue of the fact that they work for the Creator Eluhiym on projects which They have designed.

These mingle with them like bosses do with staff. In Job, chapters one and two, they are on a work site receiving instruction from Yahuw’ah when Satan appears in their midst wanting to make trouble for a righteous man on Earth called ‘Iyyowb (Job).

Satan’s appearance was only brief, but being an Eluw’ah, Yahuw’ah had to accommodate Him. He then sent Him on His way.

All it takes is to adjust one’s thinking and rid oneself of illogical notions.

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Addendum -  II

Visible Or Invisible Deities

In the area of religion the question needs to be asked, what kind of deity does one worship? Is he or she visible or invisible?

If invisible, then that is the deity to worship and adore. However, for Christians, Muslims and even Orthodox Jews (the three great monotheistic religions) the so-called Old Testament is logically out of bounds.

Invisibility blanks out its context of visible appearances. Nowhere does it state that Eluhiym is invisible (see “invisible” on p. 524 in Strong’s Concordance). Its anthropomorphic traits are factual, not symbolic.

Yahuw’ah did walk in the Garden of Eden during the cool of the day, usually the morning (Genesis 3:8). He is a physical man, albeit powerful beyond any who ever lived and He also drives an IRV.

Most certainly He is not a silly old man sitting on a throne oozing love and compassion or sipping martinis on a beach watching bikini clad girls go by. He is a workaholic, yet does enjoy a day off once a week.

Such vehicles visited Adam and Chavvah in the Garden of Eden throughout their sixty year stay.