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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  VII  [7 of 17]

Otherwise Mosheh was not a man. Elsewhere Abraham, Yitschaq, Ya'aqob and others also saw Yahuw'ah as El Shadday and Yeshuwa as El Elyown. Can their humanity be questioned as well?

After seeing or hearing about nine devastating plagues, the sons of Yisra'el kept the Passover or Pesach (11:28) inside their homes with the blood of the lamb or goat painted on their doorposts and lintels (Exodus 12:7,22).

Not to do so would mean certain death for the firstborn of both man and cattle. The blood, applied with hyssop and not sprinkled, only gained significance much later.

The people of Yisra'el (11:29) crossed the Sea of Conclusions (later the Red or Reed Sea) near modern day Zafarana because they were told to. Mosheh led the way during early May 1603 BCE.

Faith was conspicuously absent. Throughout the entire ordeal they were scared for their lives. The ground was dry because it had been prepared overnight as an escape route.

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This route was revealed to the present writer by the very Eluhiym who conducted the Exodus on the ground as physical beings.

Observe how in the celebrated Song of Mosheh (Moses) "Yahuw'ah is a man of war; Yahuw'ah is His name" (Exodus 15:3 - 'ish milchamah). Why not “Yahuw'ah is an Eluhiym of war”? Here He is described as a man seen by over a million Yisra'elites, plus the Mitsrayim Pharaoh Se-woser-en-ra Khayan and his elite army.

So much for just Mosheh "enduring as seeing him who is invisible" (Hebrews 11:27). Well over one million eyewitnesses survived, even after the Mitsrayim were drowned. How did Theodorus miss that?

Dates for the crossing are Monday, May 4, and Tuesday, May 5, 1603 BCE (OWC) with anniversary dates of April 22-23. Modern measurements set the maximum depth at 62 metres (203.4 feet).

The following explanations could easily feature in an article of their own. However, they are retained here for the context they provide.

As a small distraction here, the heavens have a message (Psalm 19:1-3). Just as the planet Mercury did an about face at Yeshuwa's resurrection on April 9, 30 CE (no other resurrection date can match this), on the morning when this event started the moon was doing an occultation with the Pleiades. Further to the west it passed right through the middle, in front, of course.

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A dark moon approaching the Pleiades. SkyMap courtesy of Chris Marriot.