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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  XI  [11 of 17]

His blasts were like a high pressure fire hose pushing away built up water behind a reinforced STF membrane. They were aimed primarily at this membrane and had a long powerful reach right across the gulf, each as powerful there as close up.

Wherever the water was driven back it stayed, only to be pushed back further with the next blasts. The walls stood up, dripping over the space-time fabric.

Without doubt there was some spillage onto the opposite shore as this powerful breath punched from side to side. Whatever drained back was then blown further away, perhaps over the hinterland.

This all happened during late afternoon. Ever changing its shape, the sea appeared like transparent, darkish-blue or green plastic sheeting with the sun dancing on its shiny surface. Above the horizon was a bluish grey sky.

Evidently the blasts of energy which forced back the water for 25.38 km were quite loud, perhaps like the sound of jet fighters roaring overhead. Everyone crouched down low. Children cried. Mothers comforted them. Dads had to control their bowels.

Despite the smell and they had not washed for at least a week, what an impressive sight it must have been to witness. Here Yahuw'ah, the "man of war" exercised the power of the Creator Eluhiym, the likes of which neither Mitsrayim nor Yisra'elites had ever witnessed before or would again.

All gods of wood and stone were nothing compared to the mighty Yahuw'ah. Had any Mitsrayim survived, especially the Pharaoh Se-woser-en-ra Khayan, what would he have said to those back home? However, no time machine can alter what happened, especially one pretending to use a multiverse.

Who could ever forget this unique demonstration of His power?  Yet His people did (Judges 2:10). It was good that Mosheh kept detailed written records. On ATAR there are seven books of Mosheh.

Finally the water reached the shell energy structure with its long tall sides. Both fabric walls were secured with the sea safely behind them. These were as strong as dam walls, yet transparent and dark, similar to congealed blood near the bottom. They stayed this way for about thirty-seven hours.

A one kilometre void had been established, quite wide for little human beings, yet spacious enough for over a million people and their livestock to travel without disturbing too much the sea floor underfoot.

Never underestimate the power and strength of the space-time fabric. It keeps the universe together and stable and has done so for nine billion years.

Naturally this happened fairly quickly. To any eyewitness it was an amazing spectacle. Yet there remained a water-soaked sea floor and this required a different solution.

It came in the form of a warm, dry, Ciynay Peninsula wind which blew all night from the east, drying out the sea floor. Yahuw'ah's blasts of breath were only to separate the waters and secure the north and south boundaries.

For the Yisra'elites on the western shore this must have been a refreshing change as evaporation cooled and moistened the air. Perhaps they gathered moisture for drinking, for surely there would have been moisture in the wind.

When ordered to move forward next morning they spread out and began the crossing, walking over to the other side with their livestock and possessions in an orderly manner.

Making room, too, for those coming behind, it took them at least thirteen or fourteen hours to cover the twenty-seven kilometres or more. That is two kilometres per hour. By now they were used to walking long distances at a stretch.

After they and Mosheh had crossed over to the other side during Monday and into the night (it was a dark moon), at dawn the next morning Pharaoh, his charioteers and horsemen saw the way clear to pursuing them, unaware of the trap laid by Yahuw'ah and El Elyown His Angel to destroy them all.

The east wind had dropped and the sea floor was now forming puddles and pools of water, due mainly to osmosis. The dry ground had begun breaking up. Underneath black mud was forming, similar to that found near mangroves. Step in it and one sinks down.

Unlike the Yisra'elites the Hyksos Pharaoh and his army did have faith, for they believed that they would reach the other side, arrest the Yisra'elites and then slay them.

It was a silly kind of faith, yet based upon sound human logic. If the multitude could cross over on dry land, then so could they. There was nothing to suggest the fatal surprise awaiting them midway. Intervention is always logic's Achilles Heel. The slopes were poorly lit.

Obsessed with reaching the other side and capturing their prize, the foolish Mitsrayim pushed forward till all were down in the middle.

There they found their chariot wheels swerving in the black muck while their horses struggled. Yet they persisted. Those on foot ran to keep up.

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