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Is This Universe Expanding? -  IV  [4 of 9]

A day will come, though, yet not during this Earth’s lifetime, when the situation will normalise. The light waves from the relocation event are still on their way.

A magic wand scientist would probably understand that when an entire universe is relocated, then all the activity occurring within and without it comes along as well, including photons and other forms of the light spectrum emitted from the original sources.

This is not the same as moving a box from one end of a hall to the other. Here the space is billions of light years long. All four universes were relocated to their present distances from Heaven about five billion years ago. Intelligent Creators are doing this, not gravity.

Being objects, not minds, each universe never decided to do this for itself, temporarily switching off the radiation of starlight, then when repositioned turning it back on.

Furthermore it took all its light-radiating stars and reflecting planets with it. Now you see it, now it is somewhere else. Only by folding the space-time fabric could one ever see it again.

Both Heaven and Eluhiym see vast distances by folding the space-time fabric. They can have a close up look anywhere at any time.

Obviously They have many practical uses for this ability, including moving from one place to another in an instant or seeing remotely where normal physical sight is impossible, like inside the body or underground.

Folding it was among the first abilities They learned once the space-time fabric had been invented and stretched out like a curtain or sheet. IRV technology and vehicles are built on this reality.

Even the weekly rotation of the 24 Thrones can be monitored in real time on Earth by observing the changes in live conversational themes and vocabulary. Only those who visit the real Heaven can learn about all this.

Static or steady state universes are also much easier to relocate, since they have defined limits.

In the second diagram observe the light rays outside the 'pink' universe penetrating the 'yellow' one. If the telescopic measurements are accurate, then the light spectrum rays from its farthest boundary are no more than 13.82 billion years old.

Eventually the waves generated at the new position will make their appearance, but not in the remaining lifetime of this planet.

Astronomers are therefore left to ponder an illusion. Five billion light years equals 13.82 billion light years and that is not magic except for those uneducated in these things.

Earth’s astronomers are still dealing with the after-effects of this folded space-time fabric, as though it never happened. They were not there, but the Creators were and are alive to report this today.

An Analogy

Maybe this analogy will help. In order to physically visit ATAR one first has to see the relocation site as though it is a house across the street in all its visual detail, only forty light years away in this case. No technology like this exists on Earth. It is simply unheard of, let alone comprehended.

Keeping the destin-ation in sight for over two hours during training while travel-ling through space at 208,000 times the speed of light leaves a strong impression. It is also exhausting work.

To physically stand on its surface for just one minute two years ago on Monday, April 24, 2017, was sufficient to convince this author that physical relocation is possible.

Now if one were to measure the light intensity reflected from this house on ATAR as viewed from inside an IRV before relocating, it will appear visible to the naked eye and bright to a light meter.

One would see it close up, yet it is forty light years or 380 trillion kilometres away. Not even the most powerful telescope on Earth or in orbit is capable of achieving this.

What can be seen from an IRV with the space-time fabric folded is a little like seeing a relocated universe immediately after the event or experiencing Heaven during the bread and wine covenant meal of John 6 or just after a special prayer. Here science has to take a back seat, since its processes can be extremely slow.

The above house on ATAR was built in 2016. Its reflected light will not be seen by telescopes for another thirty-seven years, if at all, yet with folded space-time fabric it is visible to the human eye within an IRV on Earth.

These articles are, in fact, laying the groundwork for manifesting such an IRV.

Psalm 68:17 and Psalm 78:13-15 reveal far more than at first reading. Only the FIMIOLs of IRVs on Mt Ciynay (Sinai) can provide their context and from the start enquiry has led to more and more answers.