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My Dentist Lives Forty Light Years Away -  II  [2 of 4]

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

“This morning pain awoke me just before four o'clock. I took two Paracetamol capsules. The puffiness is now reaching my eyes. This is horrible. If it has not settled down in a week, then I'm going to have to seek medical help. I wonder, too, if I am having a shellfish reaction.”

Yet never before has he had any reaction from eating crab meat. Every ATAR visit has a specific purpose and is designed to inform him of life there.

04 Feb 9:52 PM

Smiling is now possible. A week has now passed.

06 Feb 11:06 AM

The swelling is quite noticeable. At this time the present writer has started using his ear popper device to possibly assist with drainage if the Eustachian canal is involved. This would be repeated over coming days.

No local doctor, dentist or chemist on Earth was ever contacted during the entire treatment, even over the Internet. The aim was to see if treatment over such a long distance could succeed, since that would be awesome.

Before this could happen, though, he had to acclimatise himself to ATAR and it took twenty-five months and over one hundred visits for him to be declared ready. This is proof, too, that he is getting used to its energy environment. It is like being part of the Mitsrayim Exodus led by Mosheh.

 Wed 3:12 PM

Thu 10:48 PM

After one week most of the swelling has gone down. However, the gum had residual soreness as did the cheek at the back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

From Tonight’s Visit To ATAR -  [ #108 ]

10:06 PM - 10:25 PM - 19 minutes

Today I landed at Sterling Beach. Although I could see the Healing Centre I decided that I needed some (…) walking practice. Upon returning to the Centre I went inside and greeted the nurse on duty, asking to see Paul again. She said that he is expecting me.

Now to get to his office I had to head down the south corridor and turn towards the left. His clinic is second last on the right. His receptionist advised Paul of my arrival and he came out to usher me in.

In the chair I explained how I have used an Ear Popper device to keep my Eustachian Canals clear. As he predicted, the swelling is almost gone, yet there is still some tenderness. I pointed to my cheek. Photos of my face with the swelling have been taken, I said.

He asked me to open my mouth wide, something I couldn't do a week ago. I mentioned that I have since used Oral B dental floss above the bridge twice. Also there is tenderness in my cheek.

He began jabbing the back of my cheek, explaining that he is injecting an antibiotic to destroy any lingering bacteria. Then he put my upper jaw into bone mode, scraping away the dark matter around the pin or screw where the abscess had started. Next he gave me a glass of fluid and asked me to rinse out my mouth to get rid of all the dark matter.

After this, using a spatula, he applied the bone restoration paste around the pin and in the tooth behind it as well as in front.

Next he grabbed the soul light and shone it first on my cheek until it almost shone, then onto my exposed jaw and teeth, including the back tooth.

Here I was allowed to close my mouth. "It will take another week or so to be healed," he explained.

I thanked him and told him of my discovery of Eluhiym living on Earth as human beings, mentioning TOR as Acaph and Yiremyahuw as Yahbeth. "Oh, we all know about these things," he said. "We do not have God to blind us like you people on Earth do."

"Yes,” I replied, “and I am three months and a few days off becoming seventy and I'm just learning about this.” He laughed. “Earthlings have so many things going against them."

Wed 8:22 AM

The paracetamol has worn off. Swelling starting to go. In the kitchen after bottling sauerkraut.

07 Feb 3:58 PM

Just normal bags under the eyes.