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Addendum -  I

Sometimes additional pages are required to add special emphasis to important issues in an article. On this page the first of two matters is discussed.

In The Court Room

All science and religions expect to be judged, for they put themselves out there demanding to be accepted. Many do not like it, believing their God or goddess is on their side.

This can be an issue, too, where research funding from religious nations is conditional upon keeping quiet. Yet sceptics and scholars do it anyway.

The question is: in a jury-like situation can they prove their case beyond reasonable doubt? Put another way, reflecting the guilty until proven innocent model in Europe, can they be shown to be wrong?

Dark Energy

In the Genesis creation narratives dark energy emanating from a black light lamp is indicated. What needs to be highlighted is that the celestial sphere 2,139 light-years in diameter was put in place a thousand years earlier.

This act, referred to in Genesis 1:1, enabled light waves to travel from seventy years short of its boundary to the centre where planet Earth would be located. The rest would follow later and not be noticed except by the most avid stargazer.

As with any model the Creators did some tweaking, even after the event, like with the later installation of ATAR in 72 Herculis and its relocation to zeta TrA.

All this time its stars, including the whole sky, were radiating light in all directions. They were just not yet visible where Earth would be installed in its current orbit.

Eventually most of the light rays arrived. When satisfied, the Earth was delivered, put in place, set in rotation and expanded. A thousand years is but one day and one day is a thousand years with El Most High (2 Peter 3:8). Creation days, though, were twenty-four hours long.

This done, the black lamp was switched on to proceed to Genesis 1:2. Here the entire sky went pitch black and it was done for dramatic effect, like when the lights in a theatre are switched off before a show begins.

Genesis One may be described as a concert or theatre program outlining a well-choreographed series of events, all prepared naturally in advance.

Following this the seven-day sequence commenced. First, the light of the Presence shone, lighting up half the planet, so that evening and morning could be observed. This was only possible if the planet was spinning on its axis, and not flat.

The notion is absurd that the Heavenly Vehicle moved across a flat surface in some weird way lighting up a few continents while leaving others in darkness, then travelling underneath like a conveyor belt keeping them all in darkness before starting a new day. There is nothing regular in that.

Now dark energy does not swallow up light. It merely blacks it out. The photons are still travelling through space at 299,792.458 kilometres per second.

When the black lamp was dimmed in Genesis 1:14-19, the totality of those photons from the stars heading for Earth became visible. It was not switched off, since its purpose is either to hide the luminosity of photons or give them a contrasting background.

Furthermore it does this in a regulated manner throughout the universe, so that the distances of stars from Earth and their luminosity can be measured by astronomers.

Two Sets Of Laws

As for black holes containing singularities of infinite gravity, that is also absurd. They contain neither mass nor energy to make even a single star, let alone millions, as has been claimed.

Contrary to the speculations of theoretical and quantum physics, there is not one set of physical laws for planet Earth and another for outer space. Each has their own environment and behaves accordingly.

Laws governing time and space energies remain constant throughout the four universes. Why not? One great Eluhiymic mind created them.

No eye of a hurricane, typhoon or tropical cyclone contains a singularity of infinite gravity. In the middle it is quite calm, yet very destructive at the sheer wall and beyond.

Furthermore, if black holes can evaporate, then like their counterparts on Earth, there must be some kind of space weather to allow them to run out of puff. How does that work without an atmosphere?

The arrogance of science is that it is all Earth-based, devised by men and women who have a narrow, this-Earth perspective governed by religious ideologies which probably fund it as well.

It projects all its theories about the universe from what it observes on Earth onto outer space, then invents a different set of rules in the same way that it creates God in its own image.

The real Heaven with its four rotating universes is far more informative and certain, since this is where the Creation Eluhiym dwell and They have non-schizophrenic information to share. However, accessing that Heaven is not available to either science or religion.

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