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This fabric is also firm enough to support those trained to walk over rough seas, like Yeshuwa and most of the Twelve. Yowchanan was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos so that he could not escape, due to the limitations posed by walking over the sea.

Forget the smooth surfaces depicted in commercials and by magicians. Yeshuwa walked above three-foot waves at three AM. Of the Twelve only the betrayer Yehuwdah failed to develop this skill.

Furthermore the human spirit is comprised of it too, anchoring its occupant in space and time until death causes it to "pop" like a balloon. Thereafter it is no longer required.

Here it appears as a rotating nodule surrounding the individual for those trained to see it. See the preamble to this article. For males it rotates in a clockwise direction, while with females it spins anti-clockwise.

Important for the generation of life by a man and woman, she places her spirit within his and so he rules over her (Genesis 3:16). The STF allows for differences in size.

Oneflesh is for life and monogamous. Both are equal and each spouse is required to respect the other. She has to stop admiring other men's butts and he has to keep his eyes off other women's sunshine, since this can lead to adultery (Matthew 5:28).

Like A Video Game

Now on each occasion when Mosheh stretched out his hand over the sea, at first with his staff held high, something happened to this fabric.

His actions were like motion sensing, player-guided interactivity with a 3D video game or virtual reality set, also used in medical applications developed to assist people fitted with a prosthesis to perform everyday tasks.

The accompanying east wind blew all night. The low range energies of the day happen to facilitate strong winds

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In this two-stage event Mosheh's vertical hand movements pulled the fabric down to the sea floor to create two separate walls of water, like when a hot knife slices quickly through a block of butter.

The second stage commenced once Mosheh began waving and pushing his hand forward and back and side to side, starting at the front.

According to the Song of Mosheh, "and by the strong angry gusts of Your Spirit waters were heaped up, stood like a dripping wall, the depths congealed in the heart of the sea" (Exodus 15:8).

What a succinct description that is. A lot is expressed in the two words 'aph and ru'ach. The waters were also separated in Genesis 1:7, so a precedent already exists, although not by anger.

The Hebrew noun 'aph from 'anaph means "enraged or angry". Ru'ach has the meaning of "spirit, breath and wind". All three of the latter are involved. So there is both angry and hard or rapid breathing.

Here "repeated angry or enraged blasts of wind from His Spirit" captures the essence of that phrase. The Spirit is the rotating shell through which Yahuw'ah's angry breaths in the form of powerful gusts of wind are directed one after the other towards the sea.

Why is He angry? Well, after all He and El Elyown have done for the people, they still have no faith. He was not angry at the Mitsrayim. There was no need. Their end was planned.

Yet the sons of Yisra'el were faithless and rebellious. Read Psalm 78 for a better insight. It was written by Acaph, the turtledove Tor (Psalm 74:19) who during the time of Daviyd lived as a man (1026 - 973 BCE).

In Psalm 82:6 He does not address men, giving them the right to act like 'God', but fellow Eluhiym, ordering them to live as human beings on Earth. He was the first. This is a most misunderstood verse. The Father also sent Yeshuwa to Earth (John 8:29,42).

Yahuw'ah does not like it when He is treated with contempt by those whom He is trying to help and save. He is "a jealous Eluhiym" (Exodus 20:4). Nor does He like quitters. He wants His people to open their eyes and see what He has done for them.

From His vantage point on the western side of the gulf behind the Yisra'elites, yet in front of the Mitsrayim, Yahuw'ah blew from side to side, pushing the water back with each blast while the STF prevented it returning.