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My Dentist Lives Forty Light Years Away -  III  [3 of 4]

The purpose of these mug shots is to present a time line. Swelling is again evident on the tenth, yet the right cheek looks a lot healthier on the twenty-seventh. This is due to a surprising new development. From a blood fluid test Paul had detected a cancer in the cheek near the salivary gland. It had to come out.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

From Tonight’s Visit To ATAR - [ #113 ]

10:44 PM to 11:03 PM - 19 minutes

I had a bloody nose before coming to Sterling today. Immediately after the prayer I was standing outside the Healing Centre. Yeshuwa hinted that I go in and not be afraid. So I did.

I walked down the corridor to the south and then followed its branch east. Again near the end of this I found Paul's clinic and sat down in the waiting room after announcing my arrival to the nurse. The long bench seat was comfortable to sit on.

Shortly afterwards Paul appeared and invited me into his room, where he asked how I was going. I replied "very well, although I do have a blood nose." Telling me to sit down in his examination chair, I opened my mouth and held back my right cheek for him to take a look.

He injected a needle into the soft tissue of my gum and drained more fluid from where the infection had been.

Next he used a small scanner to look at the soft tissue and said he had some bad news. He had detected a small cancerous tumour growing in my cheek and promised to remove it.

He then proceeded to do this. The procedure was quick. He showed it to me. It was dark and the size of my little finger nail. A fine cable was next inserted up my right nostril and then into a blood vessel servicing my right cheek, which sucked out some of the blood and fluid, as if to clear it of any obstruction.

After this he applied the healing light with its special frequency to my right cheek and upper right jaw. He reassured me that the danger was gone, reminding me of the treatment performed by Yeshuwa on my left arm. That has been very good, too, although there are a few scratches.

I asked him what he does for teeth and showed him my front teeth and how worn down they are. He said they are rebuilt with a bone and teeth compatible compound which knits with existing bone and teeth. Tooth enamel is then applied afterwards.

For missing teeth, he said, a tooth frame is inserted into the gum, the nerves are connected and the tooth rebuilt. “So all my gaps can be filled?” I asked. The bridge will be removed and replaced with growing teeth. Dental fillings are removed too and their teeth repaired.

"We do not pull teeth here," he promised. "We rebuild them."

From where did he get his qualifications? I asked. On ATAR was his surprising answer. He has been living here for fourteen years. So Yeshuwa has trained him along with other professionals at the Healing Centre.

Tuesday, February 26, 2018

This is from my weekly chat with Yeshuwa. They are so informative.

[11:07 PM - '2/3'] "Yeshuwa." "Yes, Wayne. You're looking better." "I feel better, yet still a little tender in my mouth on the right side." "It will all work out fine. Paul found a nasty little tumour in your cheek and removed it."

"How did he know?" "We took some of your blood fluids and analysed them. They revealed cancer markers." "Are there any more?" "We'll give you a good checkup when you come here in May." Nice.

 10 Feb 10:09 AM

27 Feb 1:27 PM

10 Feb 9:55 AM

08 Mar 8:45 AM

Minor swelling has returned. What the gum line looks like. After the tumour was removed. A happy little chappie again.

Life is so much better now. All treatments are free of charge. Still they come with a price and that involves working hard to get the message out about the new Earth under a different sky foretold in Isaiah, chapters 65-66. Good health is always a great reward.

This is no miracle, though, but a set of medical procedures performed forty light years away in a physical building by one qualified to heal.

How is it possible? With Eluhiym all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26), if one does the will of Yahuw’ah, the true heavenly Father.