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The above work-in-progress FIMIOL is one of several planets and suns identified in the Chaviylah region of the Garden of Eden gallery. As if to highlight the connection it lies next to Chavvah as her body is being assembled on the moist soil or earth.

Observe that it is not a flat Earth. That absurd notion is derived from the Book of Enoch. An informative article is being prepared to debunk it.

A Reconstruction

From a Creator perspective, in order to create a planetarium-like star system for a central biosphere, one assembles a miniature sphere in a workable space with a nano-size, black spherical lamp in the centre.

Here three-dimensional signs, known as constellation images, are embedded. Locations where stars will be placed are then pinpointed. These, including their solar systems, are created in miniature, although in the laboratory they may be much bigger before being compressed.

Once delivered to location, a command is issued to expand it to 1069.5 light years in all directions and their respective prime numbers and binary clusters activated to set them in motion. 390,625 light days is around 1069.5 light years.

This occurred a thousand years earlier before the event in Genesis 1:2, since there was no requirement for the most distant photons to reach this planet by then.

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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  II  [2 of 17]

When the angels visited the shepherds out in the field about ten hours after the midday nativity, they too stood on this same fabric and sang their choral anthem (Luke 2:8-15).

Mosheh and Eliyahuw projected the heavenly space-time fabric to appear before Yeshuwa on Mount Hermon during His transfiguration. This explains why His face shone like the sun and His garments became white as the light (Matthew 17:2). The radiant cloud in verse 5 announced the Presence of Yahuw’ah in an IRV, similar to that in Exodus 14-15.

Examples of Faith

Hebrews 11 lists many examples of faith, yet rather oddly always with a sense of non fulfilment. Why? "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not being seen" (11:1). For its author faith seems to be a difficult concept to grasp. In reality those listed had no problem with faith.

Another article critical of the Book of Hebrews is published on FIMIOL.COM.AU, namely, The Destroying Priest Of Melkitsedeq.

Creation: When applied to how the universe came into being, verse 3 declares, "By faith we understand the worlds to have been framed by a word of God, so that the things seen came into being out of things which do not appear," that is, are invisible.

That statement is completely false. It is magic wand science and gave birth to magic wand faith which believes without works of the Law. In other words, it is the lazy way. Just believe. No effort is required.

Apparently, God did not put any effort into creating the universe either. He imagined it, liked what he saw, said “let it be ...” and there it was.

Taking a different approach, Earth was delivered to its present orbit during early September 6342 BCE as a fully visible object.

However, before the theatrical curtain of creation was drawn, the night sky and Earth itself were shrouded in dark energy produced by a black lamp from which no natural light could escape (see Jeremiah 4:23).

Genesis 1:1 says that "in the beginning Eluhiym created the heavens and the Earth." Everything was already in place, yet invisible in the darkness. Then El Elyown arrived with His team of Eluhiym and shone His light onto the planet. The partly drawn curtain revealed the blue sphere.

When the time came for the greater and lesser lights, planets, stars and constellation signs to appear, the dark energy lamp was simply dimmed. It was all grand theatre.

The remainder of the creation drama took place according to the choreographed program that is Genesis One. Each day was literally twenty-four hours long. With Earth being a recycled planet on its eighth mission, it had all been done before (yawn).