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Replacing A Prime Minister -  I

Writing critically about specific individuals is not something this author enjoys doing. However, he is under Eluhiymic instruction to do so. This is a matter of great concern to El Elyown, the Judge of all the Earth.

Scripture, especially the Law and the Prophets, draws attention to the behaviour of many in positions of power who have abused their authority, each time by a man of struggling means.

Is the need for this a reflection on the intelligence of humanity? In Isaiah 40:15,17 the nations of the world are viewed as a drop from a bucket, a film of dust on a set of scales and as nothing before Eluhiym.

“He brings princes to nought and makes the rulers of the Earth as nothing” (40:23). See also Daniel 4:23-27, et alia.

This is eighth-century and sixth-century BCE language. Nothing much has changed in over 2700 years.

Personally this author neither knows nor has corresponded with any of the individuals named on this page and, but for the clustering of events, would wish them well in their political lives and careers.

Having said this, many disturbing events have occurred since the Marriage Equality legislation was almost unanimously passed in a free conscience vote on Thursday, December 7, 2017. Only four opposed it due to having insufficient electoral support.

What excitement there was in the chamber. The emotion was vivid, almost religious. It was as if the federal parliament had embraced the rainbow faith as its own and was now giving it privileged support.

However, there is more to this than meets the eye. It not only reinvented the definition of marriage, which it had no right to do, but enshrined in law abusive behaviour condemned in Matthew 18:6-10. This was grossly inappropriate. More on this later.

From his own observations, it remains a burning issue in political circles why former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull MHR was replaced by Mr Scott Morrison MHR. Whenever raised, the question appears to have no resolution.

It is more than the revolving door of Australian politics on both sides of the divide. Changes in prime ministers during government in this country have been noted by many commentators, as though it is un-Australian not to roll a prime minister while in office.

Malcolm Turnbull’s replacement needs to be seen in context, for it belongs to a series of events involving the political elite.

Please consider the following. What have these demotions from positions of highest leadership in Australia have in common?

  1. The replacement of Mr George Brandis as the federal Attorney-General, who was given a diplomatic posting in the United Kingdom;
  2. The dismissal of Mr Barnaby Joyce as leader of the National Party and deputy prime minister.
  3. The exit of Mr Malcolm Turnbull from the Federal Parliament in August 2018, after a leadership spill which he announced and lost;
  4. The demotion of Australia’s foreign minister, Ms Julie Bishop, and deputy-leader of the parliamentary Liberal Party, to the back bench;
  5. The sacking of Michelle Guthrie as managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Commission shortly afterwards; and
  6. The resignation of the Chairman of the ABC Board, Mr. Justin Milne?

If one seeks proof of direct involvement in human affairs, then this is an excellent example. How else can one explain this cluster of events?

The present writer now believes that he has external evidence for the existence of Yahuw’ah, Yeshuwa and the other Eluhiym for the roles They play in human politics. While this happened in Australia, it also occurs around the world.

For 22 years he has observed the role of the 24 Thrones in effecting the outcome of political elections. Some modules strong favour one party over the other.

Yet this came out of left field. The then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull MHR, who along with others fought so hard for it, regarded it as one of his greatest political achievements.

Yet in the following months a certain sequence of events unfolded. Until this was published and read, no one knew why he was replaced by a man who threw his hat in the ring. That man is Mr Scott Morrison MHR.

The king-makers in Heaven evidently had other ideas and sent a spirit of confusion among the parliamentary Liberal Party, resulting in a new prime minister Scott Morrison MHR and deputy-leader of the party, Josh Frydenberg MP.

Yet it did not end there. The following senior politicians announced their retirement from politics and the federal parliament, choosing not to contest the May 18, 2019, election: Julie Bishop, Steve Ciobo, Michael Keenan, Craig Laundy, Kelly O'Dwyer, Christopher Pyne and Nigel Scullion.

Each retired for their own reasons, yet all are very supportive of marriage equality. When the ship is in danger of sinking some take to the boats.

Had Mr Turnbull still been prime minister, he confided during December 2018 that he would have called the next federal election on March 2, 2019. That is the ‘3/4’ weekly Thrones module and would have given the Liberal Party a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives and better numbers in the Senate.

Such was not to be. Yet Scott Morrison turned out of be a better prime minister than his would-be contender, Bill Shorten of the ALP. He called the next federal election on May 18, 2019 and won. It was a well deserved win.

Was it a miracle? For him, yes. Yet what choice did Heaven have? This will also make sense later on.

Usually a divided party has no chance of winning against a united one during ‘14/15’ . Despite the recent history, the divisive element in the Coalition had left and Scott Morrison’s party was indeed unified. That is very smart work on behalf of Heaven.

After the Beaconsfield gold mine disaster in Tasmania on Anzac Day 2006 this author, along with many others, believed that he was prime minister material and expected him to win. He certainly became a household name after Beaconsfield and led his party enthusiastically. It is not to be.

Like those whom both leaders led, they would do well to think about their actions leading up to the Marriage Equality legislation.

and prospects are not looking good for the current government with a federal election called for during the ‘14/15’ weekly module.

‘14/15’, the Yeshebe'ab-Bilgah thrones module, is also the establishment module for the United States of America and North Korea.

The results of this election are unknown, although in a dream of the night following this comment he saw Bill Shorten and congratulated him on becoming the new prime minister. This article was published on May 8, ten days before the election was held.

Another way of expressing this is that all of these were no longer deemed welcome and subsequently demoted.

It is a fair statement that these they have been given a divine push and remain on the Judge’s watch list, since what the parliament did in December 2017 was entirely inappropriate and an affront to the Creator of humanity.

A child is a minor who is not of sufficient age to carry out adult tasks. What abuse do other children cause one another - bullying, sexual, hair pulling. Such a broad range. Children can be very cruel to one another. At 18 legally adults. Are the abused children being helped?

Why not look at all forms of abuse, not just sexual, mental, physical, economic, should be looking at everything. Females abusing children.

"They've had it coming for a long time and the politician representing the electorate of Leichart, Warren Entsch, is a very big troublemaker. He has his reward coming and you can add him to your list of warned people."