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The Structure Of Religion -  V  [5 of 8]

The true prophets in the Hebrew scriptures heard the visible and physical El Shadday (Yahuw'ah) and El Elyown (Yeshuwa, the misnamed Angel of Yahuw'ah) speak directly to and with them. El Most High came down to Earth as Yeshuwa the Anointed and taught His students face to face.

The Prophet foretold in Deuteronomy 18:15-18 is, in fact, the author of the Book of Isaiah, Y'shayahuw, in whose prophetic tradition Yeshuwa stood. His prophecies came to pass and continue to be fulfilled, since he was speaking about the city of Tsiyown or Yeruwshalem on the new Earth ATAR under a different sky.

The Law and the Prophets also contain other writings of Eluhiym who came to live as mortal human beings, like Yeshuwa the Anointed, yet all between 1026 BCE and 399 BCE.

Each of these belongs to the Eluhiym addressed by Psalm 82:6.

Which faith even knows about any of this, let alone teaches it? Yet the Gospels of Matthew and John do. Each of the Eluhiym incarnated in the Law and the Prophets are cited in these two gospels. God simply does not allow it.

Then he deceives them into thinking that the new earth is a heavenly or revitalised planet. However, it is not just a new Earth, but one with a new and therefore different sky. He makes them blind to the Truth and so men and women blindly follow their invisible God.

* Religions usually have a different sabbath or rest day. Christians follow the Jewish week, setting aside either Saturday or Sunday from midnight, with the Jews themselves from Friday after sunset till Saturday sunset.

Friday prayers is the highlight of the Muslim week. Who among the others, though, observes the Genesis 2 and Exodus 16 Sabbath beginning during Sunday afternoon or sunset until Monday at the same time?

Mission And Identity

* Each entity or religion urges its followers to be zealous in sending out missionaries to "tell the world" about this amazing invisible being.

* Usually they say that he is full of love and compassion with whom one can spend eternity in a higher form and who has the welfare of all humanity at heart. Yet Noach's Eluhiym destroyed nearly all of humanity.

* Scrolls, texts, books, magazines and scriptures are copied and learned by heart. Followers are educated in their contents.

* The quantity of trees cut down in the name of each deity or entity is usually immeasurable. Think about the carbon footprint and how many trees have been cut down in vain to produce religious literature. Is religion partly responsible for global warming?

* Each wants to rule the world with its awesome knowledge. Here its followers place themselves in influential positions as teachers, lawyers, politicians and academics or media professionals such as journalists and film producers. Charm is their companion.

* Families are urged to have many children to ensure the future of the faith or, if not, send them to religious institutions, like private schools and universities, where they will be fully informed.

* To this end it sets up worship centres or structures. Temples, churches, chapels, altars, mosques, synagogues, schools, colleges, societies and tertiary institutions are such meeting places. Here they gather for a sacred encounter with their god or entity on a regular basis.

* Each religion has its own world view, yet all seem to talk the same sort of language in terms of concepts.

* Add to this its own uniform, be it a white (lab) coat, black or white robe, orange or other colour, generally saint-like in nature or denoting holiness or expertise and authority.

* Most have creeds, although not all are formal. Nonetheless each has a set of dogma which determines institutional thinking and dare not be questioned or challenged.

* Its teachers and instructors tend to be strict regarding their procedures and forms of pageantry. These tidy energy packages create magnificent and entertaining displays through discipline, order and precision.

* All religions believe in some kind of eternal existence, whether through birth, death and rebirth cycles (reincarnation), eternal life in 'heaven' or eternal death in darkness.

Evolution herself apparently believed in resurrection, since after she destroyed herself and her children in the big bang singularity they have all amazingly reappeared, invisibly so, on school, college and university campuses to spread their good news of salvation.

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