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Permission to film and use this footage was kindly granted by SA Water for illustration purposes. The spirit is a rotating STF structure containing the soul, mind and body and allows energy and aromas to flow in and out.

The sense of smell is processed by the limbic system, not the neocortex, like the other four senses. Sensitive women tend to pick up the quality of the wind emanating from another’s spirit. They then know things.

The soul, consisting of organ energy shells, was first assembled above ground and pushed down into the mud by Yahuw'ah and given the breath of life. It is not an ethereal, phantom-like substance, whose existence can be debated or defined as emotional responses to harmony and disharmony.

Instead it has substance and structure. Healers on ATAR succeed by treating the soul. Earth-dwellers have little knowledge of this, like the fabric of space and time which hugs the landscape and keeps the soul and body anchored in space and time.

Yeshuwa introduced all this to His students, but apparently the apostle Paul rejected it. He had a different insight. See Romans 8:14-17.

No Figure of Speech

There are literally too many instances of Eluhiymic visibility in the Law and Prophets to be figurative speech or interpreted allegorically. It is the aim of this article to challenge and indeed dismiss the claims made in the Book of Hebrews as a load of hogwash.

An invisible God/THEOS does not make sense. Why do people believe such nonsense? Are they blind?

What about Yeshuwa’s words in John 5:37? “And the Father who sent Me, He has borne witness of Me. You have neither heard His voice, nor seen His form.” Yahuw’ah is clearly a physical being.

John 6:39 is about beholding the Son (in Glory) and believing in Him. He, too, is physical there. In that chapter He had just walked above three-foot high, moonlit waves using the space and time fabric as a firm platform.

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This introduction sets the stage for what follows in this article. If one seeks to understand the Genesis 1-2 creation narrative, the Exodus sea crossing and other Biblical events, then it is an important consideration.

While some of the examples on the Home Page speak of the LORD's appearance as lacking clarity, the FIMIOLs are very clear once the lines define them.

The former blurriness is primarily due to the rotating nodule or shell surrounding Him. It is made of very bright space and time fabric. FIMIOLs are photographs with this fabric filtered out.

Such spirit material always positions an individual within space and time, regardless of where he or she is. Each planet has its own daily vibration measured by length of day, rather than hour, minute or second.

During 2019 Earth is vibrating at over 3,053,000 times per day. Among other things it affects people's lives and weather in the form of prime numbers and binary clusters.

The vibration value increases by one unit each new day and its starting point is the 24 hour period before the event recorded in Genesis 1:3.

Similarly every individual's spirit has its own vibration based upon dates of conception, birth and birthdays and increments by one each successive day as well, the time determined in relation to UTC.

A comprehensive system, it is based upon the record in Genesis 1-2. Many JavaScript calculators have been created to measure and demonstrate their effects on life, including the alternative to natural selection.

When Yahuw'ah breathed into Adam the breath of life, He gave Him a spirit of rotating space and time fabric (STF). A body and soul without a spirit is dead. This cell phone video captures the spirit’s rotating aspect.