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Is This Universe Expanding? -  II  [2 of 9]

A Breathing Universe

In the past this author has heard of both inbound clusters of galaxies as well as outbound. Sometimes the universe appears to be contracting and at others expanding. For this reason he thought that the universe might be breathing. Such talk of contraction, though, seems to have gone rather quiet lately.

However, four universes encircling Heaven inside the circumference of each regular-sized quarter may explain this phenomenon.

Bear in mind, though, that today's extremely powerful telescopes have so far failed to detect the other three universes. Being too highly focused, they only see the proverbial cellulose fibres of the bark rather than the forest of trees. Perhaps the black hole photographed may be the start of their definition.

Obviously a doughnut-shaped universe is going to have a super massive black hole at its centre, one which spins and in turn makes its universe turn, albeit very slowly.

Furthermore, being a masculine ZERO energy shell, around the edges its energies turn anti-clockwise. Feminine ONES spin clockwise.

From the Articles menu view the Ursa Major constellation FINATS in Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  XIII. It features Earth’s doughnut-shaped universe.

Visiting A Black Hole

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, during his seventieth visit to ATAR the Creator of these universes took this author aboard His own IRV and showed him the inside of a black hole, most likely the one in Sagittarius A.

Here he experienced no sense of any dense gravity environment. Yeshuwa’s own glory shone into the darkness revealing the rotating edge. It was like being in the eye of a large hurricane or tropical cyclone near its wall, yet calm and not so dark. All the activity was on the outer edge.

In the centre it was quite still with no observable clutter. Stars and planets are not swallowed up and crushed under infinite gravity. If they fall in at the Schwarzschild radius or event horizon, they just pass through to the other side.

So what are cosmologists on about? They appear to have one set of physical laws for the universe and another for planet Earth. Each hurricane, typhoon and tropical cyclone has a singularity, yet its eye does not crush anything. That is done on the outer side of its sheer wall.

Are not people in the middle of such an event warned to seek shelter while the eye passes through? Wind sheer blowing in the opposite direction can be fatal and highly destructive. Yet who dwells in a wide black hole anyway?

The algebraic formula y = 1/x, where x = 0 is the singularity, applies everywhere. In effect it is just a mathematical value. Change x into m for mass energy and m = m/1.

The singularity s (replacing y) = 1/m. Where m = 0, there is nothing. So there can be no explosion. It is a pointless exercise.

No one will ever be able to demonstrate that the mass energy of the universe using gravity can be crunched down to one quadrillionth the size of a quark or neutrino. Or is it one-trillionth the size of a proton?

The notion is totally absurd, like scholastics trying to calculate how many angels can sit on a medieval pinhead at the same time.

Any mass with weight has a singularity, be it a solar system, galaxy, loaf of bread or dairy cow. Just put its weight value into a calculator and press 1/x. Voila.

The nearest to a singularity explosion is the cow letting out methane gas. Otherwise it does not happen. It never occurred in the past and therefore cannot repeat itself. A singularity is a mathematical value.

Besides there is an elephant in the room. It is called a pulsar. About 1000 of these have been detected, most the remains of dying stars or suns which have imploded. Gravity has done its work. Each is still a substantial mass spinning on its axis and emitting radio waves.

So gravity is not what it is cracked up to be. The moon’s gravity affects tidal movements on Earth, while the sun’s is limited. Perhaps the expansion of the universe is controlled by a rubber band.

Pulsars clearly do not have energy. Only the universe has energy, so it can be compacted down to a singularity. How, though, is mass turned into energy by gravity?

By Albert Einstein's famous equation E = MC^2? Wow! Mass travelling at twice the speed of light is converted into energy. Yet nothing physical can travel faster than the speed of light.

Explaining The Red Shift Phenomenon

For astronomers to detect changes in the measured positions of distant stars day after day indicates this is happening like clockwork.

Position four rotating universes around a central point in the manner set out previously and in front of this universe will be one on the left and another on the right with a third on the farthest horizon.

Since rotation for each universe is anticlockwise, then the stars and galaxies on the left will be moving away at the top and closer at the bottom, while on the right moving away at the bottom and closer at the top.

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