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Two Clouds Of Eyewitnesses -  XII  [12 of 17]

Above the eastern shore Yahuw'ah saw this happening and at daybreak ordered Mosheh to stretch out his hand again over the sea. The polarity had changed. He was on the other side. The wooden staff was no longer required, just a hand action.

He obeyed and now Yahuw'ah just "blew with His breath" without any hostility (Exodus 15:10). At the north and south walls the energy shell released its hold on the space-time fabric. Just like when a dam wall bursts, the sea came rushing back to fill the void from both directions.

Who could withstand such tumbling walls of water? At forty to sixty metres deep the sheer chaos of two heavy bodies of water colliding together guaranteed there would be no survivors. And so it happened.

Logically the STF can be manipulated, at least by Yahuw'ah and El Elyown aka Yeshuwa, but not it seems by God.

A Non-Virtual Video Game

Mosheh apparently was the first to connect a tablet to the cloud, so ushering in the modern digital age. He also played the first non-virtual reality video game using just his staff and hand movements to divide and push back the waters of the Sea of Conclusions.

The console was behind him in the Cloud in the form of the IRV and its gravity-defying beam firing up the energy shell in the sea. The TV or computer screen was the sea itself and both shores. He was the game controller with sensors attached.

Yahuw'ah's angry-at-times spirit and breath were the power source, His manliness the CPU and His thoughts the software. Even Yeshuwa worked with His heavenly Father as He performed the works which the Father Yahuw’ah showed Him (John 5:17-20, 8:25-30, 9:3-7, 10:32-38).

Whatever movements Mosheh made with his outstretched arm and hand, whether vertical for splitting or upright for waving and pushing to widen the gap, the Man of War (Exodus 15:3) responded accordingly.

The 5' 4" length of his wooden staff turned it into a controller, linking him both to the space-time fabric and Yahuw'ah, the Man of War.

There is really nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). It has all been done before. Even the order is correct. Historically the video game came before the tablet.

Finally, readers now have a glimpse of Yahuw'ah's power and strength and especially His control over nature. Whenever He is angry at men, He targets specific areas and locations with violent storms and floods.

Far too many targeted weather systems have been sent since marriage equality legislation was signed off in western democracies resulting in enormous damage to the environment. Yet it is not the only cause.

Clearly there is ample evidence in the second book of Mosheh for the bending and stretching of the space-time fabric. The first book seems to know about dark energy too.

Similar non-virtual reality games have been played elsewhere in Scripture.

While no one can stop the sun or Earth, Eluhiym tend to use innovative methods to cover the sun with an alternative, such as the Chariot-Throne's light in Genesis 1:3-5, its light and cloud in Joshua 10:12-14 and Isaiah 38:7-8 and without the light in Matthew 27:45.

Man never invented the video game. He just re-engineered it.

Back To The Examples In Hebrews 11

Continuing with the examples, the walking around Yeriyko (Jericho) seven times (11:30) was a symbolic act for which Yehoshua had given specific instruction according to the word of Yahuw'ah. Here the 111 binary cluster created a solid force to cause its walls to collapse in 1563 BCE.

Rachab the harlot, however, needed no such instruction (11:31). An example of true faith in Yahuw'ah, she made a deal with the two spies to have herself and all her father's household delivered alive from the slaughter (Joshua 2:8-14). The promise was fulfilled to the letter.

After this there is a mishmash of examples of faith (11:32-40). Yet none apparently received what was promised. The mind boggles. They clearly did.

Now an article may be short and precise or extend itself into areas indirectly linked to the subject matter. This one has grown to become a guided mystery tour where the unexpected reveals itself page after page.

What Is Meant By Heaven?

For those who have never visited Heaven, the talk of Abraham "anticipating the city having foundations whose builder and maker is God/THEOS" (11:10) sounds very impressive.

If one is born there, no one is a stranger or exile on planet Earth unless in a foreign country (11:13). That is a ridiculous notion, as silly as claiming to have been born in the wrong body, when all that has happened is one has been subjected to child gender abuse by parents living out their private fantasy.

What makes it abuse is that, like an alcoholic or drug addict baby, the abused child has no say in the matter. Yet baby boys are not allowed to be circumcised. Apparently that is cruel.

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